Muc-Off Cleaning Kit, US, Bagged

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Muc-Off Cleaning Kit, US, Bagged

Kód: A9930520


The Triumph Muc-Off Motorcycle Professional Care Kit is an essential Motorcycle maintenance kit that brings together a hand-picked collection of top-performing Muc-Off cleaning products to help keep your bike looking and performing at its best. It covers all the essentials when it comes to cleaning, protecting and lubing a Triumph motorcycle. Each kit comes complete with Muc-Off’s award winning Motorcycle Cleaner, All-Over Motorcycle Protectant, Matte Finish Detailer, Dry Chain Degreaser, All-Weather Chain Lube, Microcell Sponge and Microfibre Finishing Cloth.

  • Kód: A9930520
  • Výrobca: Triumph