Bočné kufre hliníkové SW MOTECH TRAX ION 45l + 37l

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Bočné kufre hliníkové SW MOTECH TRAX ION 45l + 37l

Kód: KFT.11.748.50002/B


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Order, unpack, mount and drive away. The TRAX ION aluminum case system contains everything needed to mount two side cases on your motorcycle: two TRAX ION side cases, two removable SW-MOTECH side carriers, anti-theft protection, matching locks, adapter kit and accessories. The bike-specific carriers and the size of the cases are perfectly matched to the rear shape and exhaust system of the motorcycle. Robust processing with a body made of 1.5 mm-thick aluminum, reinforced with sturdy plastic elements and yet still lightweight: TRAX ION motorcycle cases are the new generation from the popular TRAX EVO series. The aluminum case was completely redesigned - the TRAX ION are waterproof thanks to robot-assisted welding, punch rivet technology and interchangeable cover gaskets. The companion for trips and adventures of all types wins you over with its large chamfer for best cornering clearance, sleek look and a large range of accessories - all at an attractive price.


Included in delivery

  • 1 x TRAX ION L Aluminium case, 45,00 l, left, black
  • 1 x TRAX ION Engine Aluminium case, 37,00 l, right, black
  • 2 x PRO Side carrier
  • 2 x Adapter kit for PRO side carrier
  • 2 x TRAX lock set
  • 2 x Anti-theft protection for PRO side carriers
  • 1 x Multi-tool key chain attachment
  • 2 x Storagebag
  • Mounting instructions
  • Mounting material


  • Color: black
  • Total Weight: 9,9 kg / 21.8 lb
  • Total Volume: 82,0 l

  • Kód: KFT.11.748.50002/B
  • Výrobca: SW MOTECH